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From implementing new business strategies to ultra-efficient work processes, TANGIER SERVICE ENTERPRISES, INC. is ready to tackle any challenge and put you on the path to success. Since 2015, we’ve helped our clients around the country by delivering services that transform the way they do business. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

List of Services Offered
  • Business Consulting

  • Business Plans

  • Build Your Roadmap to the Future

  • Pro Formas

  • Business Development

  • Business Formations / Reformations

  • Business Evaluations

  • Solid-Phase Extractions Calculations

  • Research and Development

  • Underwriting

  • Business Trusts

  • Lines of Credit

  • Business Loans

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If you do not see what you need, just contact us, we'll see if / where we can help


Discover Our Expertise

Business Meeting


Any company reaches a time when you wonder if you need to grow and what should you do to grow the business?  This is the time you should have an outside source to talk with, describe what you are thinking, let them look over where you have been and an unprejudicial analysis of where  you want to go or even where you may want to consider growing.  Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc is available to work with you on an analysis to determine potential options, then work through the options to help you make a final decision or wait till later.



Any business hits a time when you need to re-evaluate where you are, where you came from and where you need to go next.  A previous roadmap will become outdated as things change with technologies and world events.  Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc will work with your team to discuss your company's past, present and future to help build a new roadmap.

Business Meeting


If it is determined your business does require some additional cash / investment, Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc can also assist you with potentially obtaining some funds.  Our partner Tangier Service Capital Group Ltd in the United Arab Emirates may be able to help.  This may include using the United States EB-5 program where foreign investors' funds are used for your needs and the investor and their family may be able to obtain US citizenships for helping you financially.  We also have hedge funds, hard money lenders and banks who may be able to provide any required funds.

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Whenever you have a new project or a startup, you must create a full packet being a Business Plan which includes 5-10 year Pro Forma, Use of Funds, Bios, and Marketing Plan.  Additionally you will need a Presentation Deck and Executive Summary.  There are many different formats you will find for these items and not one acceptable format by all lenders or investors.  Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc can create these documents for you and have them flexible and easily modifiable to meet the requested formats from the various funding groups, especially funding groups we can provide.

*Disclaimer: Not Investment Advice

Our web site is for informational purposes to inform viewers about Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc, services and philosophies.  This web site should not be considered, or understood as, investment advice from our company.  We are not a broker dealer, but a business consulting company located in the USA.  We do not provide investors financial advice, advice concerning investments decisions, tax advice or legal advice.  No information should be considered or used as an offer to sell or solicit any securities.  Any such offer will be provided in a Prospectus or Offering Memorandum.  We are not an investment firm but consultants for small and midsize firms.

You should always discuss any investment with your Financial Advisor and understand any investment involves risk and the potential to lose your entire investment therefore never invest more than you can afford to lose.  Before investing any money, consult your accountant or attorney.

Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc NOT a licensed securities company or advisor and is NOT licensed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

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