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TANGIER SERVICE ENTERPRISES, INC. is the right company to help plan your company's future path(s).  We will help find your actual value proposition(s).  Do you want to be a quick hit wonder?  Maybe the next .com craze, junk bonds, energy trades, bitcoins, Dinar/Dong, bitcoins again, CBD.  If yes, then you need to get in, sell while things are hot, then sell the company.  If you want to be in business for the long term, you must have a business where your product offerings will exist over time.  For example, electronic components, food, services, insurance, etc.   You may also be an established company who invents a quick hit.  Options and pathways for new businesses and existing businesses will always be different from company to company.  A service company who suddenly wants to sell a product(s) must learn a different style of selling.  This is why we at Tangier Services Enterprises Inc look at each client as a unique case and guide them to what works best for them and not just anyone.

When it comes to a client's cash needs, we help you determine the best path for your situation; i.e. loan, equity sale, investment, Joint Venture, spinoff, new venture, partnership(s), etc.  Our team will work with you to analyze the costs and what you may need to give up of your ownership to obtain some funding.  This is never an easy decision and you need to understand what it will cost you and your company to obtain needed cash.


NOTE:  If it is determined you need some funding, Tangier Service Enterprises Inc may be able to assist with financing options by involving our United Arab Emirates Partner Tangier Service Capital Group Ltd (  Tangier Service Capital Group also provides EB-5 funding through their UAE established fund.  EB-5 funding is a US Federal program, through the government department USCIS, which uses foreign investors to invest into your company while the investor can receive accelerated citizenship for the United States*.


We cannot guarantee your company would receive any funding with our partner or with our suggestions and recommendation, however you will have a packet to be used for presentation to potential investors and lenders. There are many factors you should evaluate before jumping into a loan or sale of some equity in your company.  Whatever you chose will have a major impact on your business for years so never make this decision lightly.

At Tangier Service Enterprises Inc we can work with you on a company wide basis or on a project to project basis.  A key delivery is to make certain you define your goals and expectations from the beginning.  Once those are agreed upon, you have defined a pathway which will keep you focused towards success.


Tangier Service Enterprises Inc has an experienced diversified staff including entrepreneurs, corporate management, executives, accountants, lawyers, project managers, and others.  Our Team meets with your Team to discuss "what is keeping you awake ay night"?  There is a reason we are meeting, what is it?


If your company is having problems, as the discussion progresses from these simple questions, we will get down to "root cause analysis".  What is happening at your company creating the issues you are experiencing?  It could be one or more reasons, however we will keep asking questions until we get to the probable cause(s) for a concern.  Then we may need to repeat the process until it has been decided by everyone the main reasons for your company's concerns have been identified.

Once these reasons have been identified the next step is to determine the plan(s) on how to "fix" each identified problem.  It could be as simple as hiring another person or as complicated as changing your whole distribution system.  What we bring to the table is an impartial and non prejudicial look and analysis of your company's operations.


Things just don't feel right anymore.  Sales are good but flat, employees are just doing their jobs, everyone just seems bored.

You need help to determine what to do next, if anything.  Should you diversify, develop or add a new product/product line, expand overseas, do you bring in an investor, some financing, maybe sell?

All of these questions could be an excellent option but will it be the right option or options?  It is always a good practice to get unbiased input and feedback when you want to make a major change with your business.  Outside opinions can provide a clearer "pros and cons" of several options to help you make a more informed decision.

By bringing in our team, we know how to ask the right questions and drill down to what options may work best for you.  We do not try to sell you something or drive you towards something that would help us.  Instead we stay focused on your needs and wants.  Our goals is to help you make a well informed decision which will make your life better.

*Disclaimer: Not Investment Advice

Our web site is for informational purposes to inform viewers about Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc, services and philosophies.  This web site should not be considered, or understood as, investment advice from our company.  We are not a broker dealer, but a business consulting company located in the USA.  We do not provide investors financial advice, advice concerning investments decisions, tax advice or legal advice.  No information should be considered or used as an offer to sell or solicit any securities.  Any such offer will be provided in a Prospectus or Offering Memorandum.  We are not an investment firm but consultants for small and midsize firms.

You should always discuss any investment with your Financial Advisor and understand any investment involves risk and the potential to lose your entire investment therefore never invest more than you can afford to lose.  Before investing any money, consult your accountant or attorney.

Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc NOT a licensed securities company or advisor and is NOT licensed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

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