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About Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc

TANGIER SERVICE ENTERPRISES, INC has been in business since 2015 focused on helping businesses grow.  In 2015 we partnered with other companies, such as Americap Alliance EB-5 Corporation, to provide EB-5 funding for foreign investors plus we assisted companies with their accounting, legal and other functions required to try and get their companies and/or new projects funded.  In late 2018 we stepped away from EB-5 being a funding option due to changes in the program, processes and USCIS, plus the US department handling of EB-5 funded projects and focused more on the business consulting work and partnering with potential funding providers.

In late 2019, Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc started the process to open an investment fund in Dubai UAE in order to work with foreign investors without having their funds immediately deposited in the United States but instead move the investor's funds in tranches only when a project requires the funds to help avoid any money movements being held up by the United States Government.  Three years later in October 2022, our partner company Tangier Service Capital Group Ltd was approved in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Dubai UAE.

Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc. still remains focused on working with companies and startups to assess what is needed to help their company grow or to get their startup moving forward.  Most times this will include some additional cash then the owners have available therefore funding options are discussed, evaluated and a roadmap created.  We are NOT a licensed securities broker or fiduciary so we always recommend our clients to discuss any options presented by our team be reviewed by our client's financial advisers, bank or licensed fiduciary.*  We will work with our clients to help facilitate the investment, loan, or other chosen mechanism  process with an investor and the project management group.  Starting in late 2018, we have been expanding our investment portfolio and are now starting to work towards obtaining our securities licenses thereby opening up our capabilities to work with our investors and projects.

Over the years we have worked with a wide variety of companies and projects ranging from hydropontics to very large real estate developments.  Many projects are startups or very early ventures while others are ready to manufacturer and start selling products, and others are existing companies looking for funds to expand their business.  When we receive a Business Plan for the first time, we are always amazed at how each one is diversely different and greatly varies in format and provided information.  Some companies have not even been licensed within their own State which is unacceptable.  Therefore we also expanded our services to include developing a project's business plan, help you get your company properly setup within your State, assist you with your pro forma, help get agreements for land purchases, Intellectual Property or other valuable assets for your company locked in prior to asking for any funding.  By obtaining these items prior to going for funding, your company's business plan has a better value proposition since you will be a legal entity within your State plus have assets (i.e. land, patents, etc.) associated with your project which could be obtained by the investor if your project were to ever not be successful.  However, Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc. works extremely hard with all of our funded projects to oversee and guide them to success before any major disasters could happen.

Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc. is quickly expanding our reach and working closely with new investors around the world.  We have earned their trust and respect thereby having their confidence when they invest in one of our recommended projects.  We work with our project management teams to ensure an investor(s) what assets can be used to back their investment upon signing and over time.  Our goal is to always reduce risk to our investors including our oversight of all projects to "head off" any wrong turns.  By protecting our investors, we are protecting their hard earned money and we are protecting our reputation and risk of investor backlash.  We constantly are driven by success with failure not being an option.

*Disclaimer: Not Investment Advice

Our web site is for informational purposes to inform viewers about Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc, services and philosophies.  This web site should not be considered, or understood as, investment advice from our company.  We are not a broker dealer, but a business consulting company located in the USA.  We do not provide investors financial advice, advice concerning investments decisions, tax advice or legal advice.  No information should be considered or used as an offer to sell or solicit any securities.  Any such offer will be provided in a Prospectus or Offering Memorandum.  We are not an investment firm but consultants for small and midsize firms.

You should always discuss any investment with your Financial Advisor and understand any investment involves risk and the potential to lose your entire investment therefore never invest more than you can afford to lose.  Before investing any money, consult your accountant or attorney.

Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc NOT a licensed securities company or advisor and is NOT licensed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

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