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Why Us for Your


TANGIER SERVICE ENTERPRISES, INC. is the right company to work your investment.  We look at companies for their value proposition, not what is hot today.  How well have "Hot" deals worked?  Look at the .com craze, junk bonds, energy trades, bitcoins, Dinar/Dong, bitcoins again, now CBD.  There is always the NEXT big thing.  Some hit right but most lose.  Who normally wins over the last 20 years?  Things such as a large real estate development , new technologies, Internet Service, E-Games and personalized services.  If you want really safe, just buy a Dow Jones Index Fund and hold it for 20 years.  You will make some money but your money only creates a job for the broker.

We look at investments for how they help society today; what does the investment do for creating jobs , grow communities, improve life?  Does an investment make life better for 1 person, 5 people or hundreds? Does an investment make a strong return and in what time frame?  Most important, does an investment fit our investor's expectations?

At Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc. we fund projects which not only have strong returns but also make a difference.  Plus our team and partners work closely with each project to ensure they are on track and meeting goals and expectations.  We work for our investors and our projects from start to successful exit.

Why Us for Your Business?

TANGIER SERVICE ENTERPRISES, INC. is your ultimate partner to start your business, grow your business, fund your business, and eventually exit your business.  You need to structure your business, create pro formas, build and rebuild business plans,  determine your value proposition, execute, fix what you did not know, execute more, get some funding, get to profitability, re-exam, and then grow more by doing it all again.

This is why you need us for your business.  Our Team and our Partners have the experience to take you from Startup to IPO.  We have the scars on our back which you can avoid with our input and assistance.

There are two primary reasons why a business fails:  poor management and ran out of cash.  The two can also be closely related.  Cash Management is a critical part of any business and must always be well watched and worked.  Prime example is: do you have a capital expense or lease purchase?  Another example is do you hire more personnel or expand workload with current personnel.  It is always beneficial to have an outside opinion when making major business decisions to ensure your thoughts are not clouded by internal company politics.

Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc. is the type of partner your business should seek out.  We are driven by success and can help you be driven to success.

Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc. has been in business since 2013 focused on private investments.  We partnered with other companies to provide EB-5 funding for foreign investors plus used other partners to assist with accounting, legal and other functions needed by our funded projects.  In late 2018 we decided to directly provide EB-5 opportunities to our investors to help eliminate investor's confusion and to streamline our processes.  This does not mean all investors are EB-5 investors.  Instead we can offer an EB-5 option to a foreign (non-US) investor, if so desired by the investor, for a qualified US investment.  This now includes an investor changing their mind during the project investment process to do the investment with or without EB-5 privileges.

Over these years Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc. has remained focused on matching worthwhile projects with private investors.  Since we are NOT a securities licensed broker yet, we performed all work as Private Placement investments only facilitating the investment process for the investor and the project management group.  Starting in late 2018, we have been expanding our investment portfolio and are now starting to work towards obtaining our securities licenses thereby opening up our capabilities to work with our investors and projects.

Over the years we have received a wide variety of projects ranging from Holistic Medicines to very large real estate developments.  Many projects are startups or very early ventures while other are ready to manufacturer and start selling products and others are existing companies looking for funds to expand their business.  When we receive a Business Plan for the first time, we are always amazed at how each one is diversely different and greatly varies in format and provided information.  Some companies have not even been licensed within their own State which is unacceptable.  Therefore we also expanded our services to include developing a project's business plan, help you get your company properly setup within your State, assist you with your pro forma, help get agreements for land purchases, Intellectual Property or other valuable assets for your company locked in prior to asking for any funding.  By obtaining these items prior to going for funding, your company's business plan has a better value proposition since you will be a legal entity within your State plus have assets (i.e. land, patents, etc.) associated with your project which could be obtained by the investor if your project were to ever not be successful.  However, Tangier Service Enterprises, extremely hard with all of our funded projects to oversee and guide them to success before any major disasters could happen.  This includes assisting them with Legal issues and contracts to make certain they do not make any missteps which end up as a disaster,

Tangier Service Enterprises, Inc. is quickly expanding our reach and working closely with new investors around the world.  We have earned their trust and respect thereby having their confidence when they invest in one of our recommended projects.  We work with our project management teams to ensure an investor(s) what assets will help to back the investment upon signing and over time.  Our goal is to always reduce risk to our investors including our oversight of all projects to "head of" any wrong turns.  By protecting our investors, we are protecting their hard earned money and we are protecting our reputation and risk of investor backlash.  We constantly are driven by success with failure not being an option.